Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dumbass Me.

Yesterday was the baby's last day of high school. EVER. She was there for 45 minutes taking a test, then it was over. Done. ...I've been driving her for the last year and a half, ever since we bought the big house and moved into another zone... she kept her end of the deal and stayed out of trouble so the district let her finish up with her buddies. SO. This morning, I get in the car and drive on in to town, and had the phone in my ear trying to catch up to OldestDaughter, ...first time we've talked since the air force put her back on night shift. I realized as I got off the interstate that I'd driven on almost ten miles past my office and took the exit for the high school instead of coming straight to work DUH. ...this having all grown children stuff is obviously going to take some practice!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Hate My IPhone

I went down last week and bought a new iphone. Well, honestly I bought two iphones, but gave one of them to the spouse. I don't like it. I want my MotoQ back. The battery life of the iphone sucks. The apps are nothing to rave about, and many are just plain stupid. I love the keyboards on the Q and similar devices, but I'm having a rough time with the on screen keyboard the iphone is so proud of. IT SUCKS.

I also went down last week and spent 107.00 on a new Kathy Van Zeeland. What a treat. We have a trip coming up and I have a brand new purse to take with me as a reward for not smoking. Maybe the freeking iphone will get lost in the bottom of it and I'll never have to use it again. HAH. Like I could be that lucky.

I had a wonderful visit with my son. He's back at his base finishing up a couple more days leave before going back to work. It was so good to see him. I quit taking the lexapro when he came home, and stopped taking it cold turkey rather than have the doctor wean me off like you're supposed to. I woke up one day and instead of helping me realized it was making me feel bad and I didn't want it to end up being more than the crutch it was meant to be. Man, what awful headaches and mood swings though. I'm glad that's over. After not feeling like myself the last few months, it's kinda shaky being me again... sometimes it's still one task or one hour at a time.

The big accomplishment is, today is 31 days since I quit smoking. Chantix totally rocks if you don't keep letting yourself make excuses and make yourself walk away from smoking. I'm taking it, along with Spouse, and three other people I know. We all started within a few days of each other. I'm the only one who quit and the other four, while they have cut back, are still smoking. They come up with some pretty good excuses though.

Oh, and before I go, I like the new Metallica Guitar Hero for Wii. Have only got to spend 30 minutes with it, but the music is good.

One more week until the baby graduates.