Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update on the kids

Ms.Blue fell in the parking lot at work a few days ago and pulled something near her ankle. Having to wait for military doctors and all before she could be seen, she walked on two days before she could go in and they put her on crutches. This morning she said the swelling is down and it's feeling a little better. She's started outprocessing and getting ready to pack up and head to her new base in Korea.

Mr.Blue has survived his first month and a half in the sandbox. He's called me 2x, the last call this past weekend has me a little worried. He just didn't sound right. Here is a pretty good description/blog post about his temporary home. This post was NOT written by my son by the way, it showed up in my alerts this morning.... http://www.cindytoda.com/dustyboots/?p=854


  1. Hang in there,,, I hope they get to get out of there soon I know how scary and worried I was when my kids NOT of my blood were there.

    NOW what about an update on you???

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Regarding that post in the Sandbox. Things have changed for the better compared to what that person wrote - although it probably depends on the mission. While I wear my weapon to and from work, most of us do not have to wear my vest/helmet within the base (we just have to remember to wear our reflective belts at night). The gyms are fantastic - most people do not want to run outdoors because of the Balad Burn Pit (I wrote about that earlier this week in my blog). The Moral & Welfare (Rec Centers) have lots to offer during off duty hours, and for those who are interested, we love volunteers at the hospital.
    I hope your son calls you again - or sends you some regular email updates. If you want to leave me a confidential comment, I won't publish it.
    Thanks for being a great support system and a military mom! We really appreciate our families.